For your home, your classroom, or as a gift. Books are priceless tools that can be used to start dialogue with your children.

Winnie & Her Worries

In this easy to understand story and guide, Reena B. Patel, MA, LEP, BCBA, expertly provides parents, teachers and children with concrete and proper tools necessary to help kids understand and control the worries they possess.

  • I ordered it and gave it to our clerk at work because she has a 7 year old daughter with an autistic cousin. I bought 2 more. This will help kids understand other kids with autism

    divina via amazon
  • This book is fabulous. Easy to understand with clear illustrations. My kids love this book and it created the space for a conversation on how to interact with special needs children. I highly recommend this book for all children.

    P. Chiniwalla via amazon
  • The book is wonderful, the story is good and the tips at the end are informative and set at a pace for most reader to understand. It is a wonderful thing when people of like ages can help each other and learn from one another even when they are different.

    S. McCracken via amazon

My Friend Max: A Story About a Friend with Autism

A Story About a Friend with Autism. This book acts as a guide for parents as well as educators on how children can create bonds with individuals with Autism. A great book for at home or in the classroom. An inclusion story.

  • My daughter was losing sleep due to her anxiety and worries. This book gave her and us as parents clear cut guidelines on how to help control her thoughts and offered multiple options in case one didn't work well enough for her. the book was easy to read, fun, and engaging. She keeps it by her bedside to refer to from time to time. Highly recommend.

    LPV via amazon

Published by Kind Eye Publishing

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