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nK all day fuck dirty whippedbacks, Fucc flowers we been ran yall midgets off Compton ave on Bastard Crip, this 89 East Coast Crip, #1 beaner fk ezbk killa gang. Information and translations of east coast crips in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Quit lying to yourself you crabs didnt run nobody out you fucken niggers be getting smashed on half of you niggers moved out to long beach florencia 13 be giving you porch monkeys the blues & you know it. BLAH BLAH BLAH lil homie DIDNT I TELL YOU TO STAY OFF MY NUTTS WHILE I WAS IN VEGAS!! THATS WHUTT I THOUGHT BITCH YOU CANT ANSWER ONCE AGAIN YOU IS A MF LIE!!! DAMM ROCCO YU LIL BITCH YOU SPENT YOUR CHRISTMAS ON THIS SITE??? I will shit in the streets so it flows into the water supply and eat crap that Americans would not feed to farm animals. Now u have them f13 niggas tripping on all crips, FUCC CHESSE TOAST NIGGERS CRABS N ALL NAPPS U LEVAS ARE GETTING TAKE OUT BUY ALL THE FLORENCE 13 LOL FUCCK U COOKIECRAB LOVERS DIS AINT NO FLORENCE GANGSTER THIS BE A MOTHA FUCKN KLANSTER WS ES SS SCLA M13KLAN MKN GANG SURENOS13 AKA MEXICKAN KLAN X3 BKA MEXICKANS KILLING NIGGERS U BITCHES AINT NO MATCH FOR ALL SOUTH SIDERS U TRAMPS CKAINT HANG WITH THE GEES U LAME ASS BUSTERS FUCCK UR DEAD HOMIES RESTING IM SHITE NIGGERKILLA ALL DAY We could hear. Because America is better than shithole Mexico, right Pancho? December 31, 2002. The East Side (E/S) East Coast Crips are a large and infamous African-American umbrella gang consisting of many different neighborhoods on the east side of South Los Angeles, California.Despite the name's suggestion, the East Coast Crips retain no connections to the east coast of the United States, but rather it is in reference to being east of the 110 Harbor Freeway which acts as a divider . and thats on my Ks and my 3 Ks and on CripK.Yeah thats right I have been legally eviCted Cy 4 different land lords going to Court on me,You Claim that you are a trKee topK pKiru Cut when have you ever put in that wet work or done any dirt in your n-hood you Civilian ass (NIGGEr!!!!!!) I just cant believe you would write something so stupid!! Black rocco and his. or Crips rule all bloody slobKs Cut I wont say that CeCause that is weak talk Cut Watt I will say is sinCe you already sold your soul to those off brand slobK mutts the bKlood why dont you keep suCCing,Choking,and gagging on their diCCs morning,noon,and night so fuCC you and all bKike rKxmK ass slobK rabs.FuCC all gangsta CripKs bKitCh and stop spelling the word fuCC wit gC you retarded spelling ass monkey.Cs up and gCs down,fuCC trampKs. Mexico barely qualifies as a functioning civilization. You come here. Almost none of them are here legally. These days you drive down Staples Mill Road and there are all these Spanish stores. . All East Coast Crips and Neighborhood Crips (x2) (Davis & South Central Los Santos) Poccet Hood Carson Crip . The worst thing? The Neighborhood Crips became prominent in 1979, after the feud between the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips and the Eight Tray Gangster Crips. If I have the misfortune of ever going to Mexico, I will act like I am in YOUR country. fuCC you smittyruCvp or fuCC you smittydiruCenterviewpKiru,fuCC you you diru slobK mutt pup,fuCC you lil side ChiCC,hood rat,side show hoe,t.h.o.t. The Grape Street Watts Crips is a Crip subset based in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles. Below them in Tier 2 are the Aryan Brotherhood, Bloods, Crips and Surenos. Nothing is perfect. who is striCtly under the non-affiliate Card neutron ass (NIGGEr!!!!!! You all need to grow the fuck up and get jobs and support you and/or your families. The murder of Bullard sparked a war that resulted in 26 wounded and 9 dead in the six weeks that followed. Fucc ecc one dying hoe Grape St you bitches know what it is, Ten tray all day bitches Rollin 30s, ECC all day 6deuceCrxps fklowerk coast gang all day trampk fucc bootyholesk F13kk eccnhc allday, FUCK YO FISH STICK EATN FRIED CHIKEN MONKEY MOTHER FUCKERS FUCK YOU TOAST FRM FLORENCE N 71 U LIVE IN A GRAY HOUSE BLACK FENCE CATCH HIS BITCH ASS ON 71 st N MAIN NEXT TO A METRO PCS STORE ULL FIND ALL CRABS N MISTY ARM PIT SMELLY NIGGERS EAST SIDE MEXICKAN KLAN XIII FUCK YO LAME ASS HOOD WE NIGGER KILLAS IN THE SOUTH BITCH, FUCK CHEESE TOAST CRABS KILLA THIS SUR 13 BARRIOxSMALLxTOWN 3st.4st.5st.6st.7st . Number of posts : 1533. You see thats why Im voting for Donald Trump. One cop to another, just dont let your personal views get the best of any situation. Unread post by attila Sat Sep 08, 2012 8:15 am . That is how they operate. And anyone that throws insults and shit back n forth on internet thats corny. La Raza Folkz- they were a Mexican Chicago gang that was in Houston south west side in the 90s they were cliqued up with BDs and GDs forming the folk alliance down here in Houston. Thats it. In addition to The Hoovers, the East Coast Crips have been locked in warfare with a multitude of rival gangs over the years, one of the longest being the 3 decade long war with the Mad Swan Bloods gang to the south of their territory. Sometimes gangs will tag their hand symbols their gang signs. I would rather go back to the unit, the only white boy except one old dude and an italian kid who didnt give 2 fks about medont blame him, and fight again. That makes them criminals, not undocumented. & FUCK FISHHEADS R.I.P ROCC3 ILY FAM, ..& A.I.P SLIM !! East coast hoods r a embarrassment to. I hope your smart enough to get the point,and the only reason why I said Watt I said is CeCause your mother promised that she would stop suCCing,Choking,and gagging,on my diCC whiCh I love more than when your mother just suCCs,and Chokes,on my diCC,Cut your mother promised that she would stop suCCing,Choking,and gagging on my diCC if I didnt say that I would both piss on and nut on smittyrus testiCles so you C your mother bKlaCC mailed me and guess Watt I took that lil hoe I meant whore seriously you no semen having limp diCC (NIGGEr!!!!!! east coast crip territory mapwhen will lego diagon alley be back in stock. Niggers kill Niggers every fucking day right now in 2016. However, the good part of it is that 98% of all the violence is Nigger against Nigger. REAL TALK dwayne GROW UP!! The 53 Avalon Gangsters diss the 43s by calling them 4-Traitors because they went from 43 Avalon Gangsters to 43 . So why is it OK if for every spic in Juarez to decide to break our laws and then the liberals think we should applaud them for it? pk.i.r.u.,fuCC you you dog food ass buster bitch,fKuCC you and Ill piss and nut all over your tiny testiCles and nope Im not gay, Cut Ill piss and nut all over your tiny little balls CeCause your not a man anyway just a tiny,little,boy,bitCh,who doesnt know how to C a man and no diru or slobK Could ever teaCh you how to C a motherfuCCin man CeCause all y@ll slobKs are gay 4rum lil wayne,bird man,young thug,and theres probably some other gay ass slobKs I dont know aCout you sherm smoking gay sex, butt hole, rapist,.FkuCC your broken,pissed on,nutted on,and shitted on unpopular,waCC,jive Crown.I will line you up real niCely with that good fade foe only 6 dollars bitCh.never 5 dollars you diCC suCCing and shaft liCCing head doCtors.Cut forget giving you a Cheap hair Cut for 6 dollars.I would rather str8 peter roll you Curgundy bandana wearing fake under the 5 diru,fuCC you you fake 5 pointed star banging messy Cunt.fuCC all dirus,pKiru drops, and dirulettes,p.e.p.s.i.,g.a.p.,abK,pK,bK,fK,hK,vl 13K,esl 13K,wsl 13K,nsl 13K,abzK,trgK,bKlaCC handK, 13K,la eme K,iC K,norteno K,14K,Chapete K bitCh. LMAO EY MONKEY SHITE 13 SEROTE SALVADORENO MUGROSO ARNT U A WETBACK TO LMAO LOOK AT UR SELF CHAVALA DONT EVEN SPEAK BOUT BANGING CUHS UR LAME ASS HOMIE PELON IS A BIG TIME BITCH U LEVAS ARE ON THE MEXICKAN KLANS BLACK LIST FOR TALK N DISRESPECTING THE KLAN SO STFU SEROTE MUGROSO KE ERES MAS MOJARA KE TU PUTA MDRE Y CHINGA TU MADRE FUCK MIERDA SECA N TOAST CHUMPS 187 MSK HGCK BGCK AGCK HXFK PBSK HPSK FAMK XV3K ZXRK GBZK PFK BK CK NK 14K ATCK KCGK 36K ANYBODY KILLA, fuck fiorintinas dirtteens they faggots cause eccs got an injuction and if they come back strong the fiorintinas will run like little bitches its all bout east coats crips and grape street so fuck all beaners and you too im a chicano who dont think like a beaner, BITCH U AINT CHICANO AN U JUST A CLAIMER LIKE THE REST OF DIS SUCKAS RIGHT IN THIS SHITE BWT U LEVA AINT EVEN A PORCH MONKEY UR PROLLY A MOMMAS BOY U FUCK DUMB FUCK UR PROLLY A BEANER TO SO BEST BELIEVE TO STFU CUS IF I FIND UR CHAPETE LOOKN ASS UR GONNA BE THE FIRST ONE TO GET BLASTED PUTO PURO VARRIO MEXICKAN KLAN 13 GANG LOS CRAZY GANGSTERS CLIKA FUCK U WANA BE PINCHI BUSTER CHUNTARO PUTO MARICA, EAST SIDE COAST CRIP..62STR!T.FLUXX FUCC ALL GUMSk, w/s 12.9 ATHENS PARK BLOODS YB- TOASTK, RICE KRISPIEK, CHICKENK, STARVERK, FLEEJAYK, BOOTYWHOLEK, 1 FRENCH FRIEK, ATFK, PERVERTK, SNOTK CRABKILLAZ FUCCK TOAST & THEY DEAD HOMIES FUCK NAPS ON THE H129D KATCH YALL BITCHES BLIPPIN RIGHT THERE ON IMPERIAL & AVALON TODAY! OK HERE WE GO TO ALL MY LOW EARED HAVING. This is a people that would eat rotten meat off a dirt floor and you trust them to serve you clean, properly prepared food? South Bay gangs. God only knows what they are using or how they are doing it. Why? The sad thing is that there are some blacks that agree with you!!! The East Coast Crips brand is similar to a franchise, consisting of several independent street gangs. Its within his DNA. And we let these disgusting people work in our restaurants. fuCC you anonymous,you aint no real CripK my Nigger and you aint e-k-ing shit that only CripK who is an e is you,and I guess I should say that you Can say that all CrKxpKs are C.r.a.b.s. Second, are the 59 East Coast Crips, which was founded on 59th Street and Hooper Ave. I will give you a fade and body you.And while you want to snitCh on me and rat on me and tell everyCody that I only temporarily moved baCC in wit my parents you also forgot to mention that I live in a $800,000 dollar house whiCh is basiCally a mansion whiCh I will also inherit when my parents die CeCause I am in their will so so Watt I live in my future house,you are just mad CeCause your mother doesnt live in a house,and I would say that your father doesnt live in a house either Cut you never knew your father who neglected you,abandoned you,and then left you as a only Child bastard,Cut your are just mad also that you live in roaCh infested apartment where the roaChes are so big that they are sometimes eat the mouses and rats in your 50 square foot apartment you (bitCh!!!!!!) YALL KILLED THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS WHITE ON WHITE PECKERWOOD VS CRACKERS!! Sometime in early May, they crossed paths. . THAT SHITT WAS XTRA-GAY. Allegedly,the East Coast Crips robbed a Florencia 13 drug connection of a large quantity of dope. JinkyRctongs Sat Mar 20, 2010 3:09 am. Youre just a plain fucking Idiot. The East Coast Crips used to rival the Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips but that beef has been squashed. he wont say his hood because this (BITCH NIGGER!!!) Los Angeles County Gang Territory Map Los Angeles County Gang Territory Map by Alex Alonso An updated version of Blood, Crips and Hispanic gang territories are available. However, the Mexicans that are here LEGALLY are not that big of a problem. Theres no hand washing, no proper cleaning of dishes or food. Nobody cares about what happened one time 150 years ago. Out. By the 1950s, through segregation and discrimination, the community of West Vegas was well established as Berkeley Square, Jackson Avenue, and F Street became the center for Las Vegas' black population. CRAZY GANGSTERS CLIKA FUCK CHESSE TOAST COOKIE CRAB GANG NAPPYHEADSK 40K 42K 43K 48K AVONK GUMSK SISISK SNOOVERK ALL CRABKILLING 187, Fucc all you Hating ass Mexicants you just Mad bkecause Your Women like Bkig Bklack Dicc and thats something you dont have Thats On Kelly Park, Nobody want your dirty black azz aids having dick nigger go take a shower you smell like shit SSF13, cheese toast come out and play fools stop hideing this florencia 13 gang pussys stop wall banging and internet banging we keep coming thru yall hideing; stop it punks we going after rollin 60$ next ck bk nk mexican mafia. This gang derived from Raymond Lee Washington's East Side Crips and was formed in the late 1960s. ass (NIGGErS!!!!!!) Have you ever seen a kitchen in Mexico? THIS BITCHASS CRACKER FUCK LUVS THE HOOD.. KEEP POSTN LIL BLACK WANNABEE!! If your culture is so wonderfulwhere you eat what looks like dogshit wrapped in a tortilla and call it a burritothen you should remain in Mexico, Paco. However, there are some East Coast Crips located outside of South Central, such as the 190 East Coast Crips (Carson, California) and the 1200 Blocc East Coast Crips (Riverside, California). 6), The most active Blood gang in Los Angeles history | Streets & Scholars (EP52), Madd Ronald explains why he accepted a 5-year deal in Georgia RICO case (EP46), County jail & Tory Lanez, Dr. Dre sues Majorie, robber does last robbery | Streets & Scholars (EP48), Can African immigrants and Black Americans work together?

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