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And Id say that your friend, Flutura? After pining for each other for years, Rollins and Carisi finally shared a kiss at Finns (Ice-T) wedding in the season 22 finale. Nice meeting you, Stabler tells Moss as he brushes past Olivia. Donald Cragen (Dann Florek), interrupts and calls them both into his office, where the student's lawyer claims Stabler sexually harassed her client when he brought her home from the hospital. "I wouldve done the same thing," Benson responds. As Stabler gets out of the car, the smuggler shoots him twice. Shut up and drive., During a private moment at the end of the episode, Benson tells Stabler she had recently explored adoption, but she was turned down by the agency. Well that makes two of us, Benson says. Tucker believes Benson tipped off Moss, so she fesses up to talking to Moss because shes in fact been dating him. Youre his partner. Bensons brothers case resurfaces in this episode, as does the feisty side of Benson and Protelliot, who literally jumps to his partners defense when a suspect lunges at Benson during an interrogation. "Olivia! Viewers are also treated to seeing Benson and Stabler interrogate a suspect together, not missing a beat just like old times. How come you never told me about your mother? Stabler deflects and says, Never came up.. God knows how Olivia put up with you for so long, Cragen says to him. Oh, the poster boy for rage is going to tell me how to control my anger? Benson says. ", Benson follows Stabler out into the squad room and asks him what's going on at home. Benson meets Stabler in the hospital, where he crumbles and falls into her for a hug (only their third one ever onscreen, but whos counting!). 20. Does Benson call out . The decadeslong partnership between "Law & Order: SVU" star Mariska Hargitays Olivia Benson and "Law & Order: Organized Crime" star Christopher Meloni's Elliot Stabler has been deemed by many fans the longest slow burn in television history. During the kiss, Benson opens her eyes and connects with Stabler, who nods and kicks Stuckey in the groin from his spot behind him in the chair. In the words of Stabler, Benson continues playing mom for a boy named Calvin (Charlie Tahan) whom she found during a case and took in after his mom disappeared. Turns out, Stabler did open the door and spend the night with Leonetti just not in the way many had assumed. When it's finally safe for Noah to return home, Benson calls Stabler and asks him to pick up her son. Eventually, Benson is able to pull an iron rod from the bed and hits Lewis with it before getting her gun, which has Stablers mini shield on the bottom. She asks him to tell her his honest opinion, and boy, does he deliver the words many have been thinking for over two decades. When an FBI agent approaches and asks Stabler to make a call, Stabler respects his former partners authority and responds, Shes the captain. I can see why you scare the pants off of Kathy, Bernie says, before pulling out an old family photo album with childhood photos of Stabler including one of him dressed as a carrot. She wants to limit their relationship to one night and one night only, but Cassidy wants more, making for some awkward moments. She briefly replaces Olivia Benson as Elliot Stabler's partner when Benson takes an undercover assignment. What is Chris Meloni salary? Youre just going to give him up?. Olivia has a picture of you two in her living room., Moss wont name his source and says, You two have worked together for a long time. She has quite the slip of the tongue during a discussion with her son. I wasnt planning on coming back, Benson says. Elliot talked about you all the time.. Really? . After the conversation, Bernie asks Benson not to tell Stabler she visited his daughter. The case the two are working on is also focused on a woman who led a relatively single life, which parallels Benson's own at the time. Is that a flower in your cup? he says, before Benson responds with a smile and says its tea, hinting again at her changed drinking habits since she returned from being undercover. You mustve had some mansplaining to do., Stabler responds, Well, Olivia knows a lot more about what went on between me and Angela than the jury does. Stabler also makes sure to get Benson back in bed before he leaves and jokes, Im getting my hazard pay coming to see you.. (That parallel universe may soon be reality for these two since Stabler recently returned to Bensons life after a 10-year absence and confessed in a letter he wrote to her: In a parallel universe, it will always be you and I.), This episode is significant in the worst kind of way for Benson's and Stablers relationship since it ended up being Melonis last episode of SVU. (Thankfully, he returned to the Law & Order universe for Stablers spinoff, Law & Order: Organized Crime, in April 2021.). Stabler says he knows Benson "wouldve taken the shot" if the sniper hadnt first, to which she responds, "No, I wouldnt have. He melted down in front of Benson, and it turned out the pair did sleep together when she was just 16 (in case you weren't sure). Cragen calls Benson into his office to tell her that Stabler put his papers in. Mischa Barton is an actress who guest-starred on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in the episode Savior as Gladys Dalton. Protelliot again emerges, grabbing Stuckey by the throat and saying, You are an obnoxious little jackhole.. Benson replies that she and Stabler are best friends.". She then abandons the child at the hospital leaving Benson the message. In real life, actor Meloni left the drama due to a dispute over pay which meant him leaving in between seasons 12 and 13. However, they break up in season 15, episode 19, and its mutual, despite Cassidy admitting in a later season that shes the one love of his life. Time feels somehow finite and fleeting and yet painstakingly like forever and ever - like another eternity squeezed into a haunting decade has passed them by since the moment he got . Will Hart / NBCU Photo Bank / Getty Images. Cragen's suspicions about Stabler and Benson's bond are right. Wong), the group's forensic psychiatrist, that Stabler realizes his choice to save Benson was his own, and she didn't make him. Why didnt you tell me? Benson asks Porter. Stabler says he couldnt, and at this point, the others in the room take notice of their bickering. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. Later, Benson and Stabler go see Valerie in the hospital after Miles attacked her on the street by spraying gas on her and setting her on fire. When she started to rest, Elliot was worried, but Kathy assured him she was fine and told Benson on what she could remember. Benson coaxes Simon into sharing his version of events, and its revealed Millfield set Simon up as payback for what happened between Simon and her sister as teenagers (her sister ran away after Simon kissed her, and the Millfields assumed an assault had transpired). "You're just going to sit here all night until I do, aren't you? This moment was teased in a previous promo and sent fans into a spiral. Cragen tells Stabler he may have another chance and that Benson is back (finally). Why did you give me that letter? And Mariska (Hargitay) and I kind of laughed about it, too. "Loss. Viewers know he went home with a girl he met on the street and woke up hours later to find her dead in the next room. At this point, they both have tears in their eyes as the standoff continues. "He was your partner," Rollins chimes in. Does Kathy know you mortgaged the house for me? Benson asks. He pulls over in front of a building and tells Stabler to go inside. They both turn around to face the water, and Stablers already holding out his glass before Benson lifts hers to toast to partners.. "A whole friendship.". The two sip boxed wine in a motel room after busting a perp, and Benson tells Rollins "how nice it is" to see her "happy. I didnt ask you to, Benson responds. They have an extremely close, and have more than once chosen each other over their . "I recently lost a friend, a very close friend . If you guessed the latter, you would be correct. It has to be this outpouring of everything that, over all these years, that has never been spoken or physically acted on. When the informant/suspect is given a deal, Benson and the SVU squad feel betrayed by the OC team. I can hear it in your voice. Stuckey turns to shoot Stabler, but Benson grabs him and says, I want him to watch. Then, to further the ruse, Benson kisses Stuckey. Lindstrom ends the session by telling Benson to think about what she deserves and emphasizes she deserves happiness.. SVU helps investigate, and there are a few scenes laced with tension between Benson and Stabler, including Benson subduing a heated Stabler in the interrogation room and an argument between the two on the roof about it. I know that you are carving your way through a mountain of grief, and I have tried to be here for you. "Sounds like you're a man in need of a new beginning," Newsom says. She then tells him about the one man she thought she may have settled down with for good, and only offers up his first name, Ed. Law & Order: SVU has been teasing a romance between Amanda Rollins and Sonny Carisi for years. I want to find balance here in this whatever this is, Stabler says. I lied and said that it wasnt, she says. Many fans have followed Benson's life and career for nearly 25 seasons, but one thing that's always remained a mystery: Whether she's ever had romantic feelings for Stabler. He leaves shortly after and says, I dont think I can do this. He eventually returns, and Benson again points out Stabler is the only person who doesnt realize hes not OK. Im drowning, he responds. Then she shoots Sister Peg, a woman in charge of a local homeless shelter who had been helping Benson and Stabler with the current case. And you know what, Eli turned out perfect, Benson says. Tucker suspends Benson, and after hearing the news, Stabler says to Tucker, You are a son of a b----. Then Tucker drops the news on a shocked Stabler that Benson has been sleeping with Moss. It felt good to hear that, Stabler tells her, clearly relieved to know that after disappearing for a decade, Benson still cares about him. 4. Photo: NBC. What was her name again, Elliot? Richard adds as Stabler just glares at him and exits the room. Kathy and Elliot Stabler got married at 17 years old and shared five children, but in earlier seasons of Law & Order: SVU, viewers learned that their marriage was less than perfect. This is a big deal since there was limited physical contact of any kind between the two during Stablers original run. Stabler, whos also familiar with an estranged marriage as his wife wants him to sign divorce papers, makes points in defense of Miles. Never romantically involved Benson dated off and on, while Stabler was. Stabler lingers at Bensons desk before saying, See ya, to which she looks up from her computer with a smile and says, OK.. The cop wonders if Benson is Elis mother, and Benson quickly clarifies that shes a family friend. I wish you were there, he says. Kathleen may be sick, but youre the one with the problem, Benson tells him. Later on, Benson and Stabler clash again during a heated discussion about older women having children. Ral Esparza, who portrays Barba, spoke to TVLine about the ending and said the dialogue can be can be taken in a number of ways., There are fans that have always wanted to kind of spin off that story, Esparza told the outlet about Barba and Benson. A shocked Benson stares at Stabler as he tells the lawyer, "You have no right to use my personal life to make your case. During a session with her therapist, Peter Lindstrom (Bill Irwin), Benson says that while her son is doing well and her job is great, shes hasnt been happy for about a year. That moment when yet another person clocks you about the love of your life. Benson and Stabler share another long stare in the car in what turns out to be their last scene together of the season.

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