Media Appearances

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Keeping a routine while life is chaotic

GUIDE: Resources for families stuck at home

Parenting Expert Reena B. Patel’s Advice to Celebrities About Posting Their Children on Social Media

Expert Shares How to Explain Coronavirus to Kids & More Tips for Parents

Screen Time 101 with Reena B. Patel

Positive Disciplining – Positive Parenting Tips to Improve Behavior – FOX 5 KSWB

Finding A Balance

Tips for Positive Parenting

KUSI Reena Patel Cyber Bullying

KTLA 7 Weekend News- Reena Patel Co-parenting

CNN HLN Co-parenting tips

KFMB 7 9 18 Advice for divorced couples 8am

Reena B. Patel – Teaching Children to Learn Better and Faster with Bert Martinez

Positive Parenting with Good Morning La La Land

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