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Our opinions matter'. From accusing k-fans of being childish for their jealousy towards their international counterpart, to leaving a whole ass event because people refused to respect the safety rules. Reddit has kind of been my safety safe to get away from the craziness because it seems that the older ARMY are here. two types of students during finals night: BTS: *screaming at the top of their lungs for 35 mins* Makeover: 'I really think Lorraine needs a makeover hair is awful Im surprised no one has mentioned this time for a short cut Lorraine,' wrote the user, Joke: As Lorraine quote tweeted the post and replied: 'Well good morning Cathy - only problem - when I have short hair I look like Wilson from Castaway (if you know you know)', Twins? Cos these crazy Armys have a much higher chance to be the group's ATM. Historic momentit actually marks the first time that 15-year-old girls everywhere found themselves wishing that they were [UN] Secretary-General Antnio Guterres. today is independence day lets fucing ignore bts and praise indian army. But his remarks have angered Chinese social media users, as Beijing backed the North in the war. Also why didn't those other kpop idols call out their fans when they were throwing death threats at BTS and army, sabotaging comebacks, creating career breaking rumors, calling all the members untalented and ugly, etc? You Never listen to good music2. And there's nothing wrong in admitting it. K-Pop fans encompass a wide range of gender, age, and ethnicity but are often reduced in media to teenage fangirls., Mike Deans Offensive BTS Tweets Spark Conversations About Misogyny And Fangirl Culture. We just want them to be happy, so we couldn't care less if they dated a fucking rock. When do the clocks change in 2023? WebBTS might be the most popular boy group the world has ever seen. WebWhat do you want to say to the BTS Army? #bully Kpop Parents who left their 23-stone disabled daughter to die in her own filth are jailed for total of 13 years Jeremy Clarkson is axed as Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? BTS? Moment fitness influencer asks man to move off park bench 'because he's 'ruining her livestream' - but Head over heels for Kate! When you insult bts fans. It wasn't music, it was pure art. The same year, Taiwan-born Korean pop singer Chou Tzu-yu apologized for shaking a Taiwanese flag on South Korean TV after criticism by China. 5]Why do you even like K-pop? "The level of it was so different to the performances that I've seen back then. i feel like if they did, none would take it properly seriously. In 2017, Beijing destroyed South Korean retailer Lottes business in China after the company sold land to South Koreas government to install an anti-missile system opposed by Chinese leaders. Video, At the crash site of 'no hope' - BBC reporter in Greece, Record numbers of guide dog volunteers after BBC story. Lorraine Kelly hit back at an internet troll who took to social media to comment on her appearance on Wednesday.. Read about our approach to external linking. IMPORTANT NOTE Hey ARMY!! After 70 years, the world we are living in is much closer than before. probably because toxic army's are 1/1000 and since the fandom is literally 30+ million that's going to be a lot of toxic fansevery fandom has their toxic fans but the good army's outweigh the bad army's but people like to only look at the bad perspective. RM told Jimin on a live broadcast that he got no jams, and since then Jimins life has never been the same. #BTSWins10s Bravo to Bronagh Webster for styling! Beyond disappointed but imagine if I had infected him !!!!!! So please vote,share to your friends and keep those comment coming. Since I am not an ARMY or BTS fan I can't give clear answer why the are so popular. If you mean habits I personally got * This habit of hobi where he tilts his head if he doesn't believe the thing which is happening at that time. * #people I dont understand how you can be such a big fan of something that doesnt have any compelling story or plot line or anything. It was difficult to gauge the scale of the backlash to RM's comments among BTS's Chinese fan base. As of when this article was published, ARMY seem to be largely ignoring the producer and not giving him any of the clout he may be trying to gain through his hateful tweets. But ARMY were perhaps most frustrated by Mike Deans claims that BTS only play a minimal role in writing their own songs. What is BTSs favorite cocktail? And when ARMY came to defend BTS, Mike Dean continued to provoke the fans, implying that BTSs music is not real music and that BTSs fanbase comprises only young fans. A part of me wants to give them the benefit of the doubt and arguemaybe they just dont know? Cider tweed cardigan (now reduced to 21), Sandro cardigan at Harrods (now reduced to 139.50), Self-Portrait cardigan at Fwrd (now reduced to 352), Taking it well: The TV presenter took the insult on the chin as she responded with a witty joke, with fans lauding her as they assured to 'take no notice'. Taking Vitamin D each day could cut your chances of getting dementia, study claims. An adorable English fail that became a meme! {Don't forget to add the face and that witty attitude}. Over his career, he has won seven GRAMMYs and been nominated eighteen times. 'She's got a bug! Februarys brand reputation ranking revealed, NewJeans surpassed BTS? ', Backing her up:But as Lorraine was quick to laugh it off and make a joke, many fans were unimpressed with the nasty comment, Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, If you make a purchase using links on this page, MailOnline will earn an affiliate commission. In other replies to different tweets, Mike Dean went on to say that he doesnt give a sh*t about what others think of him. It is disgusting. South Korean K-pop group BTS is facing a backlash in China over comments a member made about the Korean War. when suga had his first dating scandal armys trended a hashtag to congratulate him. 2023 BBC. 4] when you are talking about BTS and someone says they are not good enough.Comeback: you weren't born for good,BTS is not for you. exols KNOW that, this is exactly why they do their best to show off a good image - which ends up positively influencing their favorite artists' reputation. US residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. As members of the global community, we should build a deeper understanding and solidarity to be happier together.. Last year, Chinese state TV suspended broadcasts of National Basketball Association games after the general manager of the Houston Rockets expressed support for anti-government protesters in Hong Kong. 3.They are busy climbing charts but you are busy running your mouth. *Laughing deviously*, My top three favorite BTS songs are:*Dynamite*Boy in luv*Run(never gets old), I really love BTS [ jungkook is my Number 1 and Vee]. baby bangtan: threaten your teacher and set your school on fire, *rapline song starts* Video, Record numbers of guide dog volunteers after BBC story, Ed Sheeran says wife developed tumour in pregnancy, Bieber cancels remaining Justice world tour dates, Prince Andrew offered Frogmore Cottage - reports, Man survives 31 days in jungle by eating worms, Survivors describe 'nightmarish seconds' as trains crashed, Ruling party wins Nigeria's presidential election, Kobe Bryant widow wins $29m settlement from LA. Never been in a fandom for a band, never will be. Wait till someone from maknae line will be caught . Bts are quite good at what they make. But despite his then apologies, Mike Dean has taken to Twitter once again, after the recent release of BTSs anthology album PROOF, to make snide comments directed at the successful group. Bang Yongguk ,sweety I am sorry), They are only one who are social aware (B.A.P my dear ,I am sorry) others kpop groups are just singing stupid meaningless lyrics ( didn't BigHIt had some marketing research to find out how many fans struggle with mental illness?something like this). I think BTS could do better about calling out fans who are being little shits. #quotes kinda sucks, but i think theyre aware of how precarious their situation is right now. #kpop It's probably because they are worried that ARMY will turn on them if they do. Jealousy is a disease,get well soon.2.Grab a straw, you suck too.3.They are busy climbing charts but you are busy running your mouth. The best comeback book of all times is now free and available on wattpad. Back in September 2018, they also spoke at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly in New York City, becoming the first-ever K-pop artists to address a UN session. Chinese internet users and state media took RMs comments as a slap at China, whose soldiers fought alongside North Korean forces during their failed attempt to annex South Korea in the 1950-53 war. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. J-Hope took the icing on the cake with his my heart is oh my god., BTSs V Proves To Be A Broke Millionaire, Asking The Real Questions During Jinnys Kitchen, BTSs V To Soon Have His First-Ever Solo Fanmeeting, KORAIL Employee Abuses Their Authority, Looking Up BTS RMs Phone Number And Address In Their Database, BTSs V Is Already Going Viral For His New Role As Brand Ambassador, Following In The Footsteps Of Another Legendary Korean Star. yoongi taking a break from being a bts member: a reminder that jungkook drinks beer like its chocolate milk and chocolate milk like its beer, shoutout to the demon that possesses park jimin on stage, jungkook must have architecture degree the way he did that bridge, he dyin and crows eatin him in da background but hoseok said its time to dance, you come this is my #makeup The NEW woke words of the day: 'Rage farming', 'pinkwashing', 'trauma dumping' and 'Latine' are among 313 Is YOUR wood burner at risk? to make an upload of that chapter. BTS are my little brothers and amazingly talented guys. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. #bestfriends With 11.042 million streams on its first day, Butter by BTS broke Spotify records internationally, before that the record was in the name of Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber. Web6] BTS sucks Comeback: 1. BTS, still havent finished BV4 and almost a year behind on Bangtan b0mbs. literally spring day evrytime she smells a new music: bruh online classes are a mess no one is listening at all :///, take your eyes away from jungkook for a second and this happens. #bestquotes Is it because of the team they are and you can't have/build, or the good looks they have and you lack, or the Fame which you obviously don't own, or their money because I know you're broke. hobi who moved to the dorms only a month/two late: yeah Why does Yoongi always look like he is part of an anti bullying campaign. (Lee Jin-wook/Yonhap via AP), Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. Feb 28, 2023. by S. Kim. Obsessed with travel? what can we say when we run into haters 1] Those boys have the worst voice..Comeback: worst? Every artist, no matter where they are, has to accept contrary opinions of the audiences to be successful. Writing that she 'needs a makeover,' the Twitter user described the presenter's hair was 'awful', suggesting she cut it shorter. BTS fans are from all over the world, so Chinas bullying will be known to all countries that took part #bts Its like they gotta understand that not all their fans are true fans. We're wishing you well Lorraine. BTS speak at the United Nations General Assembly Hall at the UN headquarters on September 20, 2021 in New York City. I think some main reasons are: noise marketing (spamming basically everywhere ) Also there is that narrative that BTS were struggling a lot in the beginning (I dunno about it ,I heard their clothes were cheap,something like this .tbh,Daehyun literally performed with IV bag,but we don't talk about it) so now when they are successful fans can project their story in themselves. During the morning of TV on Wednesday, Kate Garraway informed viewers of the last-minute line-up change and praised Ranvir for agreeing to step in and host the morning chat show. In March 2021, the band renewed its pledge to support the campaign, which has raised at least $2.98 million globally so far, according to UNICEF. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There are still many Korean War veterans around the world, including those from the United States, so its not reasonable for China to pick a fight over this, said Min-seong Lee, a student in Seoul. Chinese state media say 180,000 soldiers from China also lost their lives. taehyung: oh shit time to perform my song, distinctly me after about two shots of anything. I forgot it doesn't mix with your bad spirit and taste for music. US firms waiting in the wings read to pump 'billions Parents' fury as schools STILL won't tell them if they are closed tomorrow as teacher strikes continue. Now, they seem to be covered in excrement, said a commenter on the microblog service Sina Weibo. Global brands have tried to distance themselves from politically touchy issues, especially Taiwan, the self-ruled island claimed by Beijing as part of its territory, and Hong Kong, the scene of pro-democracy protests. Roast means insult comedy ( Source: Google) So, I don't want to generalize the whole fandom or insult BTS regarding their culture, makeup, hairstyl May 2016 was the time that every A.R.M.Y who used to suffer had to cry sometimes. @BTS_twt. James Corden has faced backlash from BTS fanscollectively known as the "ARMY" following comments he made about the global K-pop stars being at the United Most of their fans believed that BTS did not know much about this due to their busy schedules including promotion plans on music shows as well as concerts. He claimed that he was simply trolling.. This tweet, in particular, led to a discussion about misogyny aimed at K-Pop fans. Even as an ARMY myself, the fandom does things that make me shake my head in disapproval. dont ever fix your lips to discredit bts and their writing again mon 6.10 (@knjgIoss) April 4, 2022 The ridiculous indignation of the accusers reached its max level when 5 fandoms united using 2 hashtags # (plagiarism boys) and # (BANGTANplagiarism) to If you are a fan of BTS, youll know that, to have such a success like right now, both idols and fandom had to overcome a number of hurtful situations, especially the one that happened in May 2016. I don't really want to involve someone else but, as op said, exo are a great example of artists "disciplining fans": exols were known as one of the worst fandoms in the kpop community. K-pop has a large following in China and BTS - one of the most successful groups - are no different, with at least five million fans on China's popular social media platform Weibo. Of course, ARMY immediately came to BTSs defense, explaining how actively involved the members have proven themselves to be in their music creation time and time again. But Mike Deans criticisms didnt stop there, with the producer continuing to focus on BTS. FREE! Why are you on this thread if all youre going to do is get offended? Join half a million readers enjoying Newsweek's free newsletters. Just one dating scandal and there will be bloodbath . Their placement of the members should be noted. BTS are out there preaching about love and blah blah,but then their own fans harass everyone ,even their own kind(aka black fans) ,do some crazy shit(radio station cancellation ) and etc. bts: multimillionaire global singers 3] A garage band is way better than BTS.Comeback: The only thing stopping you from succeeding is the amount of hate in you. seokjin, ears red: not like that, pied piper really goes "focus on studying [body roll] get a job u weirdo [hipthrust body wave] dont be so obsessed with us [licks lips]", Someone said this is BTS at the airport, and then comes Jungkook Many armys are loud and aggressive, they ruin the whole kpop experience /but/ give the boys relevance. (P.S: If youre tired of everything, why are you opening yourself for insult by posting this? We are tired and we just want to have fun with other army's and bts in our own little family in bts land but we can't and that is so fucking unfair You realize that youre only proving how toxic Army members are by posting this, right? Everyone Practices Cancel Culture | Opinion, Deplatforming Free Speech is Dangerous | Opinion. taehyung: ???? But Fans of BTS, were not very happy. it is SO fucking funny how all these people who have never even researched any of bts' lyrics, have never listened to them talk about what they are trying to accomplish in this world, and can't even use their real fucking names know more about bts and the fandom than army's dothey preach about how army's don't even care about the members, are only here for their looks, are crazy and toxic, yet don't even know 1% of what army's have done for and in the name of bts. Next, stands for Pyojeolsonyeondan which means plagiarism boys. Jealousy is a disease,get well soon. If you not so confident to say any of these, do what crazy me would do,just cut off their hair with a scissors. "We will always remember the history of pain that our two nations shared together and the sacrifices of countless men and women," he said. We will always remember the history of pain that our two nations shared together and the sacrifices of countless men and women, RM said in the speech, which included no mention of China. A bias is someone you prefer over others but not to a point when you hate other members. What do you call yours?, because your Mom can't stand it. and if they haveits not like not calling bad armys out has hurt their career. However, producer Mike Dean seemed to take the hommage in a different direction, replying to the account that he [hoped] they cleared the sample since the lyrics are so similar. At the end of the day, BTS has one of the largest armies on planet Earth. Also their cockiness,arrogance,inability to accept slightly different opinion are so off putting. Web5. Online Chinese fan groups demanded an apology from BTS and called for boycotts of an upcoming album and promotional events. 2: AN ARMY WHO HATES A SPECIFIC MEMBER This is different from having a bias. i dont even listen to bts like that but a kanye X bts colab, Colin, Music Enjoyer (@colinthankyou) June 10, 2022. But thats just my opinion- and Im a middle schooler, so it doesnt matter that much, lol. we're fine, thanks. Lorraine Kelly hit back at an internet troll who took to social media to comment on her appearance on Wednesday. Calm down. I don't care, they are awesome in any gender. Asked about the controversy, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, said, What I want to say is that it should be our common pursuit to take history as a mirror, face the future, cherish peace and promote friendship.. As a keyboardist/producer and fan of hip hop, Im inspired by @therealmikedean. When you walk past a co-worker you dont know well yet :]. Since Mike Dean has worked closely with Kanye West, he also promised to make sure [Kanye] knows about it., He defended his comment that he thinks its important that BTS have cleared the sample because it costs money.. #girls The initiative aims to "stage campaigns against violence toward children and teens around the world, with the hope of making the world a better place through music.". That's just your racist spirit/mind speaking. The septet consisting of RM, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V and Jungkook recently delivered a speech at the UN General But among the quick Previously, he received backlash for taking to Twitter to insult BTS after Kanye Wests album, Donda, which Mike Dean co-produced, didnt win the GRAMMYs Album of the Year.. volume: 100%, olaf with jungkook voice~ bts: OWIEKWMSNDNDBXLWLWKWNSNXNBDWJKWKWWKOQWUUEJWKWAMSMDHJSWKKWOWKWWIWIWLALALALLLLALALLAALALALBOYWITHLUVIDKIDKIDKIDONTKNOWWWKAMAMSNXNSKSKSKLWAMSMZNSKKWKQKQMSKWKKWJWKQLQKANSNXJSMWMQKWIQKQQKWKIWDJMSKWKWKWNXNSKWKWMWMSMSSKSKKWWKWLQOWOow also bts: yoongi: at this point spring day is a zombie But his words were met with an angry response by some social media users in China, who noted the losses their country also suffered in the war. I hate BTSComeback: you do love them but with a touch of bitterness. Especially, its unavoidable for Kpop idols to have anti-fans because this is where fandoms develop strongly. We really just want to listen and support bts but that gets hard when we have to constantly defend bts against people who insult them over and over again for no reason and THEN have to constantly defend ourselves bc people are calling us toxic for defending bts! James Corden has faced backlash from BTS fanscollectively known as the "ARMY" following comments he made about the global K-pop stars being at the United Nations this week. Mike Dean has also liked a tweet that indicates that he intends the hate he expresses for BTS since he is too old to be [just] trolling.. taehyung: In a segment on Monday's The Late Late Show with James Corden, the television host described the band as "pretty unusual visitors" to the UNwhose appearance on September 20 was for the organization's SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) Moment event, as part of the 76th session of the UN General Assembly. || #fun British Summer Time begins in March but do you wind your watch forward Police fear aristocrat's missing baby 'has come to serious harm' and reveal they will quiz couple for Runaway aristocrat and her boyfriend were spotted stocking up on supplies at food bank in Brighton without Taxpayers are left 31,000 out of pocket after council auctions off its Queen's Jubilee wicker corgi statues 'Appalled and sickened but not surprised at all': Fury of Covid families as WhatsApps 'show Matt Hancock From nightmares to candy cravings, the seemingly innocuous habits in children that may be early warning An everyday tale of prejudiced folk: Archers listeners are accused of 'racism' for failing to tell men with 'Beautiful' daughter, 20, collapses and dies suddenly in her heartbroken father's arms despite his efforts Astrologer Russell Grant details brain cancer battle as he praises medics who removed his tumour and saved Psychiatrist: What most women don't know about their hormones - and why you start drinking and smoking more Shamima Begum and other British women who joined Islamic State and are being held in Syria will 'ultimately' Don't just stick to the Malbec! they're seen as a crackhead group and them telling army's to chill may be taken as a joke. I know "not all ARMY" but this loud minority is something that made the whole fandom look crazy. Beaming Princess of Wales watches a young boy backflip during St David's Day Mike Tindall's latest money-making scheme! I do not hate bts but their fandom is problematic. So by insulting bts will make them go mad Here are some of my greatest insult 1. Bts copy 1 dire I think bts doesn't call it out bc 1) we only attack when we are be offended. It took a lot of times and efforts for BTSs fans to take those hashtags down so that their idols would hopefully not see them.Up to now, everything belonged to the past, but it left a lot of sad memories for their fandom. A Kanye West fan account pointed out a similarity in BTSs Yet To Come song and music video that seemed to pay homage to Yes Touch the Sky., BTS paying homage to Kanye West in their new song Yet To Come #BTS #BTS_YetToCome, Kanye West Streams (@kanyestreams1) June 10, 2022. According to the Global Times, a state-run newspaper with a nationalistic perspective, "Chinese netizens said the band's totally one-sided attitude to the Korean War hurts their feelings and negates history", adding that the comments were designed to "play up" to US audiences. If this post ISN'T religious, UPVOTE this comment. find a yoongi stan these ones are individual pictures but they go together. lmfaoooo heres more k those are all the good ones i can find lol. a jungkook: bts when making tear:, this is how joe jonas wished he'd look like in camp rock, @TwitterMktgUK Jin yelling about Yoongionly in bird form . Alternatively, peruse the fashion edit to purchase one of our similar styles. So this is the army which is stronger than indian army, bts army pheeling paraud. #shortstories Seemingly frustrated by his loss, Mike Dean replied to their tweet, claiming that Anyone would be smoother. We love the rhinestone buttons! I dont see them really doing anything about it until it does. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! They should be banned, for everybody's benefit. You just cant my guy, You cant. bts: [compliments him] South Korean K-pop group BTS is facing a backlash in China over comments a member made about the Korean War. How is he gonna talk about BTS performing & attending UNGA when he's literally demeaning them by calling their presence unusual and our fandom a bunch of 15 y/o girls? jungkook: but its raining Oh what does BTS think?? ALRIGHT SORRY, LETS GET INTO IT! Suga: Im sorry to those who write malicious comments, but I dont read them. You can k #vee The chic cardigan is complete with a crew neckline and monochrome hue. Everyone says you look like a boy. Yeah, I know right? namjoon: OMG YEONJUN, COME RAP WITH US WE GONNA MAKE A CYPHER TOGETHER, JUST US BOYS She shared her disappointment as she admitted she had been looking forward to interviewing guest Adam Lambert but couldn't due to fears of 'infecting' him. (Or girl). i hope they do since they have the most control over their fandom but it will probably never happen. Zara's husband announces a two-month tour with his rugby podcast 'We met a Princess'! And a number of people on Twitter defended the group, noting that RM's speech did not mention China directly.

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