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I have no regrets for standing up against him. The cast on the show aren't digging for gold, either, they're trying to find their fortune by using suction dredges and diving into dangerous waters. Cheers to the cast and crew of All Gold Rush projects!! Sign them!! Makes me disgusted with your modus operandi!! Very disappointed. the stock holders. Slightly different from the original Gold Rush show, the Discovery Channel spin-off series is based at McKinley Creek in Haines Borough, Alaska. They work hard and are very brave! if they want to save money get rid of the moron who who cut one of the most real shows on Friday night that my family and I been watching for years . cant believe they cancelled white water mid season i will be cancelling my discovery plus subscription so you wont be getting my money, I stop watching these shows when they pull this crap. April Neale is an entertainment writer and television critic. Maybe its time to speak with my wallet. #fuckdiscovery-warnerbros. What a dick move Discovery. Use of these names, logos, and brands does not imply endorsement unless specified. what a cuck move by that executive. For these people to halt the show mid season to fix their tax season is a bunch of hog wash. Gene Cheeseman left due to disregard of his young boss, Parker. Something is totally out of whack. Dont stand for this crap vote with your dollars. F it! I might stop Discovery all together if they dont sought it out .Bring back white water, wokeness? Your email address will not be published. Really sucks they would do that! I hope they do also! No one can release the movie now. This is the best show on TV. might have to rethink about renewing my subscription. Fans of the Discovery miner have questioned if the reality star is expecting with husband Taylor Myles. The producer should have given us heads-up when they were going to pull the series. Thank you Discovery minus & HBO Minimum, you have helped me to decide to cancel both apps. White Water is great. Im voting by canceling Discovery. I would love to see you guys succeed but working with lazy people like the ones I have described it is a losing proposition. fekn greedy corporate wankers a hope they lose a shit load e money and regret their ludicrous decision. Im totally disgusted with Discovery, and their antics. Discoverys hit series Gold Rush: White Water is finally back and we have missed the icy plunge pools ogold, as Dakota Fred is still shaming men half his age with his stamina and overall fitness, and his son Dustin is hot on a streak of finding big chunks of gold in the bottom of a raging creek that can sweep you off your feet. I hope they all will find another place that is more committed to keeping them happy. Wtf really mess up why just why Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Bring it back! Why stop and will go on. Your email address will not be published. There is a gold vein that has over time deposited the gold in plunge pools, as last season at McKinley Falls, Dustin reaped huge gold nuggets. I hear that Fox News is looking for a great show like Gold Rish: White Water. Its not coming back on? I LOVED Outback Opal!!!!! This is one of the reasons I find myself changing the channel on any new phoney Discovery introduction! Being the supportive husband that he is, his wifes clashing with her family is the reason Paul will also not be returning to the show. Maybe all the networks should give refunds with all of them cutting good shows just to replace with what they think is politically correct smut or so vulgar and other unnatural acts you cant watch. I couldnt agree more. Agreed. I think the little man was intimidated that I could do everything that he did, despite being a woman. Why did Kayla Sheets and Paul Richardson leave Gold Rush: White Water? Been waiting for the serotonin come back on patiently. I look forward to learning how the season progressed and hopefully the team found the honey pot of gold. If they wait until April we viewers will be out filming our own adventures. This is one of the rare non-violent shows. ugh, This is absolutely disgusting Discovery Channel I love Gold Rush (white water) and (Gold Rush), I hope the choice to remove the program without notice or consideration of the viewers bites you in the ass & leaves a lifelong scar. This is a very bad decision on their part because as much as I love the show Ima wait a couple years to view it on a steaming service .So I wont be viewing any if their adds . i say i hope it drops and yes i hope someone picks it up quick. They are near cliffs/Falling rocks, rapids, DIY cranes One reason the show is so addictive is because of the risks. You have a show that gets good ratings in a tough slot, you pay for the show, you pay to edit the show, then you cancel the show mid season without informing the people who pay for your service. If they do not I will finish this Season and then change the Channel. Well I have religiously watched back to back for all the previous seasons and was rooting for this one to end well. Comments must be turned off because i had to Respond to someone elses comment to leave a reply ??? Disney and their wokeness Go Woke Go Broke! The black guy and Stampler are the laziest pussies ever to be on whitewater.if they replace Stampler you would get a lot more work done. The Dakota Boys put together a team of intrepid divers, mountaineers and bush mechanics to go where no miner has ever managed to explore - the depths of freezing plunge pools in white water rapids that have only recently become accessible. Maybe we should boycott when it returns in April! Unpacking the mystery that is intriguing droves of the reality show's fans. The money they lose supporting things like Amber H(T)urd is sickening then there is the woke loses. Big resemblance. Way to go! Brennan Ruault, one of the stars of Discovery's 'Gold Rush,' explained why he left Parker Schnabels crew. Disney/Discovery way to prove to your viewers that you could care less about them. I think it is simply woke BS. Stay tuned for what we know about the Discovery Channel reality star, and how he died on-set. Literally all my fav shows are Discovery or affiliated. WTF Discovery?? What's there to know about her? Since the early seasons, cameras have also traveled with their famous gold miners as they try their luck abroad in remote locations such as Guyana, Papua New Guinea, and Peru. Good luck theres plenty to watch for free with very minimal commercials, I guess the show isnt woke enough,this was my favourite show. Get to Know Joy Dorsey From 'Gold Rush,' Wife to Jimmy Dorsey, Juan Ibarra Has Moved Onward and Upward From 'Gold Rush', Fred Lewis From 'Gold Rush' Is Married to a Veteran, Too. Leaving fans hanging like that not good. I completely agree with you! All articles, images, product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners. Makes me so very sad that we as a people have been so blatantly crapped on. Get your shit together!!! Do you believe ending a programme mid season will benefit this? Dave Turin is terrible i fast forward anytime he is on. Any kind of tax avoidance is shameful!!!! At least you would have to think so after making such an inconsiderate move without announcement to loyal fans of the showno announcement no apology no consideration to us viewers whatsoevera molly coddled spoilt little mammys boy or girl and its immature brain was behind the handling of this decision. I so admired the woman diver and how she ran her crew. grrr. Dustin and Fred Hurt can be found on Twitter, James Hamm is on Instagram under the handle, 2023 GRV Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. will drown or have a boulder fall on his head. love the program but with it now been put on the long finger my intrest has waned. I may not be here in April to watch as I will watch wicked tuna instead. Season 13 of 'Gold Rush' is right around the corner, and fans are curious to learn more about Fred Lewis. I refuse to pay more to get less. Parker should have cashed out and gone to Vegas, WTF is with Tonys dredges, Im so sick of the Three Stooges, Is Dave really retiring or has he struck it rich in Montana. Playing this game will only hurt your channel, what will you cancel next??? I guess they can make more money on their tax breaks instead of paying customers that watch one of their top shows instead. Things are looking pretty scary with a possible accident as part of a season-premiere episode of "Gold Rush: White Water.". Ridiculous, its the only show we watch on discovery. Ok to wait as long as it does air. Have something to tell us about this article? Boo to the execs there. Then you leave us hanging in the middle of a season for the sake of a few bucks. Oh wait I cant watch that continuing series now because you segregated it, even though I pay for D+? Very very disappointing. and we need our shows to watch now. I suppose thats the same case with Hoffmans gold, Daves lost mine, and Freddie Dodge. I hope discovery stock drops immensely. Just a money grubber like the rest of the Networks. Raging. This is one of the best shows on cable. Our taste in shows not for the other gold rush teams. Fool me once, shame on you. You put on Aussie gold 2.0 rescue but dont put on the real gold hunters. We learn what to expect when you take on this life style. was really looking forward to it! Neale writes for the Idaho Press-Tribune, IdaHome Magazine, Boise Weekly, MSN, Yahoo and other entertainment sites. PUT WHITE WATER BACK ON, we all pay LOTS OF MONEY to watch GOOD programming. Fans of 'Gold Rush' Want to Know Where to Stream the Show, 'Gold Rush: White Water' Miner Kayla Johanson Talks Being Named Crew Boss "It Was a Bit Rocky" (EXCLUSIVE). I have enjoyed watching every week following Gold Rush. ", The Oregon resident stated that her stepdad is much kinder than he appears on the series. it really sucks in this world when you fat cats just want to get more money and waste our time I think they should get their own channel and move on from you jerks just wanting to get richer. Another gold miner unrelated to the show confirmed that the crew is likely paid by commission as well. Not pleased with their decision but if it means they can save money and keep airing shows like this I can live with the delay, just hard to swallow. Did Parker and Tyler From Gold Rush Start Dating After He Broke up With Ashley Youle? one of my favorite shows one of the reasons I pay for discovery plus. "He seems like a nice guy and a good worker but I find his constant positive attitude quite draining. The person responsible for this is an A whole!!!!! This is not the first time Kayla had disagreements with the family members; Paul Richardson's wife has butted head with Fred and other members in the past. Get new writers / producers as both Gold Rush and Gold Rush WW are not near as good as they were 4 or 5 years ago. One of your best shows. When were you going to tell the viewers about this? . YOU ARE GREAT! Disney sucks! Sheets' working relationship with her stepfather has also been a mixed bag, according to her. I will stop Why wouldnt you just start Gold Rush (White Water) from April its just ridicules the way youve done it . The show is paid for and has the same fan base as gold rush! It would be a treat to see Gene back in the show, right? What do you expect?? Exactly I agree with you I was deleting shit off my DVR thinking it wasnt recording and freaking out that Im missing the show. The crew has less than 100 days to work. So bad. Discovery has been turning to crap ! I second this statement. Find out all of the details regarding Gold Rush star Parker Schnabels boating accident from 2018. its the best gold rush on TV in my opinion. I wouldnt even try to put into words what makes Gene a super hero because anything i could think of to say to try to do justice for his part on the show Im afraid i would fall too short to give him the praise and recognition he deserves. especially in the middle of a season! Gene: Am glad you are ok, we were wondering about your well being One less hour of watching Discovery does have a positive note-I wont have to see and hear those hideous commercials with that idiot Mike Rowe advertising the new and never to be watched Dirty Jobs! CUTTING THE SHOW IS RUDE AND DISAPPOINTING TO FANS. Please bring it back before the cast has to scatter to make a living elsewhere. I think the show has been determined as too risky. Definitely considering canceling my subscription to Discovery Plus! Shawn S. Lealos has been a freelance writer for 25 years, starting with magazines and newspapers before moving to the internet. We look forward to White Water every week. A guy like him next to you in a foxhole, it just makes life a tad easier," and SomberGuitar compared him to one of their previous coworkers, noting that "Most people are toxic to each other. OMFG!!!! how much fire it up . The Hurt boys none the less! Former miners from the show have given interviews where they describe a man who is deeply troubled and an inexperienced miner. Larry. Sometimes I count how many people die each evening for our entertainment. The couple recently left the show following the fans' curiosity about their whereabouts and wanted to know why they left the show. Disney and/or all these associate media concerns blows, they care nothing about there consumers or revenue. This is definitely a display of corporate greed. Really biting the hands that feed them. Part of Discovery's multi-show Gold Rush franchise, White Water follows a group of gold miners trying to pan out their fortune on a pacer claim on Alaska's McKinley Creek by methods like. This is really Stank. Networks idiots think the minimal hit that happens can be survived so good luck I will move on to another network. Amy Halterman Ditches Kids Amid Split For Girl Trip With Tammy? I agree. So, does he have a girlfriend? Genebelieves that leaders should never ask their crew to do anything they would not do themselves. By keeping Discovery and the other channels its costing me an extra $30 per month for this package deal i have,which now involves a bunch of channels that i dont even watch. F#k you ass hole. I would love to see them go bankrupt. White Water is the only Gold Rush show I still look forward to and the bean counters took it off. Hey lets buy a new Corvette, pay the taxes and registration, then not drive it for a few months. He said it had nothing to do with him and he doesn't seem happy about it. Talking with Monster and Critics, she said. If you need some help Im sure I could find some people to help. A team is headed to their work area yet finds themselves in a Jeep-like vehicle navigating a dangerous road. Placer Mining Is a Completely Unique Way of Harvesting Precious Metals From the Earth, Gold Rush Star Todd Hoffman Is Getting His Own Spin-off Show on Discovery, Who Is Fred Lewis's Wife From 'Gold Rush'? Bet youll re-run the first episodes again 1st omg. Total utter madness. the money you saved I hope you lose double or more ! Pirate for life. Thanks for leaving us just hanging. Im cancelling my subscription so sick of this. Disney is in essence a Chinese company now. The Toddfather Is Back With 'Hoffman Family Gold' Why Did Todd Hoffman Leave 'Gold Rush'? bad move disney/warner brosyou think so little of your loyal fans. Regards, Rob H. The fact gene saved both Parker and tony yet has an estimated net worth of 250 grand speaks volumes. So you were holding your audience for two hours instead of one and you gave that up for taxes? Gold Rush: White Water takes place in Haines Borough, Alaska. I could understand stopping the program at the end of a season, but not in the middle of one. This is hella lame that they are doing this to the show. 'Gold Rush: Dave Turins Lost Mine' is an incredible spinoff off 'Gold Rush' starring Dave in the leading role. Kayla Johanson and Mark Stamper joined the show for season 5. This is even though the show was already spent and the season already shot. 1 / 9. Why would I want to go through this again. Trump got rid of all the taxes, Dee . "Best wishes to you Kayla. how do I find shows that are still adding epidodes? I guess Forensic Files and other shows free on Roku from now on. I will help Disneys tax purposes by just Protesting the whole channel. This show is so real and the people in it work extremely hard to demonstrate the toughness it takes to get the gold. GRV Media Ltd, 18 Mulberry Avenue, Widnes. lets all cancel our subscription. Suspending Gold Rush White Water for some accounting sleight of hand makes it clear that the the value of a loyal audience is neither understood nor appreciated by the decision makers. "Im not going to jeopardize the show, crew members, and production to prove a point.". $150 per month for 300+ cable channels with thousands of regular programs and theyve taken one of only a hand full of shows worth watching. Not available? I dont know if the reasons given are true but either way this is disappointing, to pull halfway thru a season could cost some viewers in the long run. Gimme a break. What happened? According to some sources, he has turned away family and friends in the pursuit of fame and fortune at the bottom of a gold mine. Then to read the reasons makes my blood boil. "Who wouldve thought Dustin was chauvinistic and arrogant, he only comes over that way in every single episode," one viewer sarcastically commented. how are u going to postpone/cancel a show thats allready halfway through its season. Normally Gold Rush is my go to Friday show. Woke and a shell of what they were, beholdent to their overseas overlords. "We are there the whole time; we are filming everything we can. Daves part has slacked this season so why not do that one. Just a 2,000ft climb up a . Goodbye Discovery Plus. My primary thoughts were that someone had been seriously hurt and the show was respectfully on hold or shut down. Really stinky move on your part Discovery. I think the little man was intimidated that I could do everything that he did, despite being a woman. Regular gold was getting rather same old same old. GET IT BACK NOW !!! GR is just the same old dig N sift..At least there is adventure in Whitewater. Gold Rush Whitewater is a better show than the original Gold Rush, especially with the 2 crews on the show! Father and son are both hunting for gold. "He was a cool person until the moment he married my mom [in 2016]," Kayla said in a 2020 interview with Monsters & Critics. I personally would like to offer some (small but helpful) financial support to help invest in his goal and gold. Shawn flaherty avid fan hot springs ar. What a shame. 2023 GRV Media Ltd. All Rights Reserved. For me Whitewater is more relatable because it reminds me a little of when I was 12 growing up in the WV Appalachian mountains when my Dad first took me digging Indian artifacts. ", Kayla and her husband, Paul Richardson, also motivate the female fans to be strong, stand their ground, and not tolerate cr*p from anybody. Who needs Disney? Bring them back!!!!!! White Water at least shows real people doin really dangerous work, yet you pull it. Cable isnt going to last forever and we need options and finishing shows we enjoy watching. It is very easy to download the show for no cost its just an illegal thing to do. Found this Article,after wondering what had happened to the rest of Season 6. i dont watch much tv but that is one i watch whenever its on. for tax purposes so is loyal fans have to just take it. Discovery's 'Gold Rush' is home to talented miner Parker Schnabel. Dustin and the boys are really putting themselves on the line. We are cancelling Direct TV and going antenna (free TV ONLY) after February, thatll definitely help their tax situation with less revenue IDIOTS! Disney and Discovery/Warner Media are not the same company. Justin Bieber Cancels Remainder Of Tour Amid His Wifes Drama, Courtney Waldrop Asks For Prayers As Saylors Surgery Is Delayed, Al Roker Ignores Today Show Producers Cues, Claps Back, Jared From Subway Docuseries Uncovers Dark Hidden Secrets, Jennifer Aniston Reveals Why Her Friends Call Her Dr. Just sucks have to wait to long to continue watching. I could go on about this but it would be a waste of time just like the comment I have already made. Damnlook how many people you pissed off with your dumb ass move to suddenly put on hold a great show with no warning, or explanation! Bunch of douc** bags. Filming a bunch of guys who could die at any minute is too risky. We have watched Gold Rush since its inception; and until its sudden and unannounced disappearance on Friday nights, White Water has been both my and my wifes most anticipated weekly tv event. Why not cancel one of the other boring teams. this is the last straw. See Fred didnt stay away elsewhere for long (didnt pay? My expectations to big gold deposits at Nugget Creek have dropped considerably.

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