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Cabot Clothbound Cheddar - savory, grassy cave aged cheddar. Not all of us are fancy beer-drinkers. Gourmet Boutique offers a variety of Zoom tea tasting experiences for teams. The experience includes a short icebreaker, historical and cultural context, and a Q&A section. In this monthly or quarterly event, teammates meet up to share a cup of their favorite tea and catch up on juicy non-work news tidbits. Instead of merely sampling truffles and bars, participants learn how to whip up chocolates from scratch. Find a list of ready-to-ship beer tasting kits in. Led by an Award-Winning Mixologist and Avital: Emcee Host, guests get hands-on to make 2 incredible cocktails. The 50mL (2oz) wine tasting kit size is perfect for a generous amount of wine for a wine tasting experience, and amounts to about 2 glasses of wine in total. This activity gives chocolate tastings a Hollywood theme. We'll ship your kit directly to your door, then you book your spot in one of our weekly classes. How to join: Book a virtual tasting by contacting the winery at or calling (707)967-2222. Next, send a Zoom link and invite teammates to come together and share their worries and frustrations. Hybrid Tastings Virtual food tasting kits include a tasting board, tasting paper, tasting pens, and tasting sheets. This tasting proves theres true magic in the shared experience, even when youre not gathering in person. Contact Us Virtual tea tasting classes are online experiences where attendees meet up via video conferencing software to try different types of teas while guided by an expert host. Join us for our virtual chocolate tasting classes! BOOK NOW. Tech Blog Be sure to use your best beer snob voice as you discuss the nuances and flavors and colors of everything you sample. Holding a virtual hot chocolate tasting is a cozy way to hang out with remote teams during chillier months. During the call, a culinary professional provides information about the featured maker of the month, background about the production process, and tips on tapping into multiple senses to heighten the tasting experience. Participants can melt and make bars alongside the host, or can simply watch and learn. Our Kits are an all-inclusive experience that includes a box full of Taza Chocolate plus a log-in link for one device (computer, tablet, or smart phone) to a pre-recorded Guided Chocolate Tasting via Zoom. Each online event lasts for one hour and can accommodate up to 100 guests. It delivers just as much bonding as any of those good times you spentdrinking at workin-person. Reviewers say that hosts are helpful and engaging and praise the companys customer service leading up to the event. Instantly downloadable and boasting super-affordable pricing, this kit includes the extras that will make your virtual beer tasting event feel organized, professional, and perfectly planned. Also, take plenty of screen shots to capture the reactions! Best Coffee Mugs For Sipping Happiness At Work, Fun Office Games & Activities for Employees, Best Employee Engagement Software Platforms For High Performing Teams [HR Approved], Insanely Fun Team Building Activities for Work, The Best Employee Recognition Software Platforms, Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients and Customers Will Love, A tasting party planner worksheet you can use to wrap your head around all the beers and food pairings you want to feature, Shopping list templates you can share with your virtual guests to make sure everyone gets the right thing, Step-by-step tasting and scoring sheets that make it both easy and fun to track and rate all your sips, A: Host a virtual beer tasting by choosing some beers, sending a list to your guests, and blocking off about an hour to hop on a video call to taste and discuss the brews. These beer masters will give you an event to remember and toast fondly for years to come, whether you choose a private tour, a comprehensive brewery history lesson, or a straightforward tasting. Step 1: Make your guest list. Save Food as Medicine: Virtual Cook-Along Class with Anelise to your collection. VIRTUAL COFFEE & CHOCOLATE TASTING. The Berliner Weisse with flavoring syrups is a highlight of ours, as you get to change your beers to your favorite flavors in the centuries-old German traditional style. Choosing a selection results in a full page refresh. Each kit includes five different wines (the lineup changes monthly), tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, and music, lifestyle, and literary pairings. Step 3: Select your games and activities. What does every beer tasting need? Order online or call 541-298-8900. Cocktail Luxury. Some good online tea tasting ideas for groups include brew and breathes, bubble tea tasting, and mug decorating. Here are creative ideas for virtual tea tasting events to help design a DIY online tea tasting experience. SUSTAINABILITY. Virtual chocolate tasting classes are online events where teammates meet up on a video call and sample chocolates together. "I can't thank SnackMagic enough for making my hybrid convention so memorable. Save 'Wheated Whiskey & Chocolate Pairing' Webinar w/ Curated Tasting Kit to your collection. It features three bottles of different domestic microbrews, plus pretzels, cheese sticks, and pistachios to help you reset after each sip. Each event is informative, entertaining, and packed with fascinating facts and insights related to craft chocolate. If youre looking for creative ways to have virtual fun or if youve been feeling disconnected, lonely, or low, then a little beer might just be the answer. Then, your group can gather online using your favorite conference app like Zoom. This class will help you articulate what you love in the spicy condiment and allow you to fire up your taste buds while exploring flavors. These experiences are similar to virtual tea parties and online coffee tasting classes. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Each session is led by an expert and dives into the fundamentals of enjoying chocolate. Honey tasting experiences are the perfect group activity. Mansa Tea offers one of the more upscale virtual tea tasting workshops. . As an added bonus, most of the included equipment can be reused for future homebrew days! In this blog post, the wine kit forms an essential part of an entire virtual wine tasting experience led by winery personnel. The service requires full JavaScript support in order to view this website. Open your mind to adapting to the virtual format, and youll be laughing and bonding in no time. The company offers dozens of interesting chocolate tasting themes such as unusual flavor pairings, tea and chocolate tasting, tequila and chocolate pairing, European vs American chocolate, and a women in chocolate storytelling experience. Add as many players as you like. It means a "wine kit" or "wine package" a winery sends to a consumer. Decide What Kind of Chocolate Tasting You Want to Host. Our virtual happy hour experience is a live, 1-hour event with cocktail kits delivered to guests. Easy to learn, open to anyone, and a great game to get into your competitive spirit this activity can be added to any virtual beer tasting or game night to get your group hyped up. Drinking games dont get much easier than this. The Chocolate Genius delivers an upscale experience with high production values and luxury chocolates. You could either sign the group up for a tea subscription service, or simply choose a different country to feature every month and send or ask team members to get a tea from that region. Here are some resources you can use to locate, and in some cases ship, craft beers that excite your taste buds and your spirit: Hop right into beer specifics with this delightfully delicious beer tasting class! You can also take advantage of one of the expertly guided. They explain that the right beer glasses can optimally direct aromas, determine the size of your sips and the flavor load you get with each, and also alter the look and feel, and therefore your perception, of your beer. Whatever food experience you decide on, the package will include all the necessary ingredients, shipping, and instructions. Going with one brewery will give your tasting a satisfying sense of unity while mixing it up provides an eclectic sense of adventure. When all else fails, there is music. Visit the 17th Edition of the Food & Beverage Fair. Every product is handmade in our Austin-based Culinary Center using fine quality, sustainable chocolate and the freshest ingredients so you can enjoy chocolate near perfection. The virtual chocolate tasting session includes a kit 2 to 3 full sized bars and 5 chocolate squares from a variety of the top chocolate growing regions. Highlander - creamy aged Gouda. In Person Tastings Bringing the Sonoma County wine tasting experience to your location. Step 4: Choose your venue, a.k.a. Both experiences include curated kits, a chef host, and a trivia game with prizes. Chateau St. Jean Virtual Tastings: Order a tasting kit and enjoy a virtual tasting with Chateau St. Jean's wine educators. Shipping & Hosting is included in total kit price of $95/per person. Embark on new cooking adventures with our DIY food kits. The tasting board serves to hold the food samples, while the tasting paper allows tasters to mark down their opinions of the food. VIRTUAL WINE & CHOCOLATE TASTINGS. While coffee encourages folks to speed up, tea often has the opposite effect. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. But believe it or not, you can learn a lot about the differences in water varieties by sampling some of the worlds finest H2Os. Theyll match you with the best option for your budget and needs. You might just forget its all happening virtually. Virtual beer tasting is one of our favorite ways to harness the power of this age-old jovial juice. Good movies to use for this activity include Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Chocolat. We can tell you how incredible our experiences are, or we can show you! Try Mystery for yourself by signing up for a trial experience. Give your event attendees a unique personalized stash of goodies, with a partner who's there for you every snack of the way. Let us entertain, educate, and captivate your co-workers, clients, or meeting attendees with one of our private at-home craft beer experiences. 2023, all rights reserved | Terms | Privacy, online group cooking classes for inspiration, list of safe for work Never Have I Ever prompts, ways to celebrate Valentines Day virtually, corporate virtual chocolate tasting experiences. Best Coffee Mugs For Sipping Happiness At Work The class is . Ideal for: Client meetings, retreats, special events, executive team building. Booking this event includes craft chocolate samples with gourmet flavors like lemon satin creme, pecan caramel rapture, and kona espresso truffle, along with pens, totes, and tasting mats. While gossip is often discouraged in workplaces, this form of tea-spilling is work-safe and just-for-fun. The Golden City says hello to summer. Here are more online group cooking classes for inspiration. The tasting pens and tasting sheets serve to write notes about the food. Virtual chocolate tasting experiences are activities for remote team building or online dates where participants meet up on a video calling platform like Zoom or Google Meet and sample chocolates together. These online events are customizable for small groups or unlimited guestcounts, and have flexibility on event length ranging from 30 minutes to over one hour. Below the form are FAQs about format, content and pricing of an event. These activities often include information about the different types of teas, brewing techniques, and the history and cultural significance of tea. Hop up your favoritevirtual happy hour experience. Attendees learn about the geography and culture of the chocolates origin while getting to sample the product firsthand. Swipe some questions to DIY your event or join a round of someone elses trivia night. Youll examine clues. The purpose of these events is to promote relaxation, mindfulness, and team building among remote coworkers. Employee Wellness Program Ideas In a recent testimonial from a team at Facebook, their team lead wrote, Our rep provided top-notch customer service by reaching out to me immediately after booking, as well as following up with me several days before our event, and after our event. First, gather your chocolates or mix up a cup of hot cocoa, then join a Zoom meeting with coworkers. Each tasting centers around a different film, and participants try chocolates featured or inspired by the film while watching the flick together. Boba is a style of tea that originated in Asia and typically includes tapioca balls or similar chunky mix-ins. Ideal For: Budget-conscious groups, DIY-ers, traditionalists, travel lovers. Ideal For: Happy hour lovers, hobbyists, teams that could use a break. Sample handcrafted beers from SLO Brew, a California brewpub once named Brew Pub of the Year at The Great American Beer Festival. For folks looking for a fun and upbeat experience, bubble tea tasting is an alternative to traditional tea tastings. Learning new skills together and sharing your thoughts on how foods or drinks taste can also improve your communication. Standard event kits include tea samples, brewing info, and, if a food-centric event, accompanying snacks. Do we hear your stomach growling? If you book a facilitated event then the event hosts typically send kits to participants after you send the names and addresses of the attendees. Food as Medicine: Virtual Cook-Along Class with Anelise. You can add snacks for an additional fee. You can also just send everyone a shopping list with the beers and food pairings you want to try. Beer enthusiasts love Independently owned microbreweries for their adventurous spirits, their flavor experiences, their experimentation with new techniques, and their passionate attention to quality. Now it's possible (well, almost) with Wolfgang Puck Catering 's new virtual, interactive cooking experiences. Anna Ye Tea conducts private virtual tastings for groups of various sizes. This virtual beer tasting can even have a custom beer & snack kit you can personalize to your liking. Insanely Fun Team Building Activities for Work, Fun Virtual Team Building Activities Order wine tasting kits online, from $2 (two-ounce pours) to $24, choosing from 12 different varietals. What Are Virtual Events? 1. Antonelli's Cheese Shop Cheese Tastings - Antonelli's Cheese Shop offers a variety of virtual cheese tasting classes taught by the owners, cheesemongers, cheese makers and more. Keeping this cookie enabled helps us to improve our website. Potter's Organic Crackers. 709 Main Street St. Helena, CA 94574 . You simply need some questions and answers. In Pursuit of Tea offers several virtual corporate tea tasting packages. Better yet, your tasting experience is rounded off by comprehensive tasting notes, profiles of each beer, and the entertaining history of the breweries responsible for all the glorious foamy flavors youre enjoying. If you have ever wanted to tour a brewery but do now know how to make that happen, then you should explore the National Brewery Tour. The best virtual chocolate tasting classes for teams include Gourmet Boutique, Chocolate Noise, The Chocolate Genius, Delysia Chocolates, and Not Boring Events. Thoughtful Employee Appreciation Ideas When that fails you, there is beer. James Hauenstein, Author. Angela has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and worked as a community manager with Yelp to plan events for businesses. A professional with knowledge of the specific snack or drink will then guide your team through the tasting. This activity works well as either an epic start or an epic close to your virtual beer tasting. The comprehensive course packs a ton into one delightful hour. and Wine Tasting Kit From $149.00 Quick add. The company founder is a trained chef who curates each tasting kit with an emphasis on quality. Please enable JavaScript on your browser and try again. The event posting lists out the supplies needed to follow along (both authentic and around-the-house substitutions), however brewing alongside the host is optional. The companys website also has a slew of resources for tea novices including an index of different tea types and brewing guides for various equipment. Cocoa Runners offers remote chocolate tasting experiences that cover the basics of cocoa-based confections. Our Seasonal Experiences include curated kits and expert hosts. The Voluptuary & Lucid Wines At-Home Tasting Kit + Virtual Tasting includes 3 or 5 wines per lineup, with prices ranging from $29 to $170. Schedule an interactive wine tasting with Tinte Cellars and enjoy three premium Washington wines: Viognier, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon. It can be an expressive accessory that gives the world a little taste of your personality or your particular state of mind. Virtual Mixologist. Then, encourage participants to either decorate their cups beforehand and show off the results during the meeting, or to design the cup during the class. Each of these delicious experiences is designed to nourish minds and hearts as well as bodies. The more unique offerings include a tea and cheese pairing and cold brew and tea cocktail class, and there are options to customize events. Typically, a chocolatier, chocolate sommelier, or a similar expert guide leads these events and gives attendees tasting tips and facts to elevate the experience. Plus, a portion of the proceeds of the events goes towards charity. Feel free to include mix-ins like gourmet marshmallows, syrup shots, cookie straws, and crushed candy canes. You decided to plan your virtual beer and game night to bond with your friends and co-workers, and your Go Game host will do everything they can to help you do exactly that. [Related: Virtual wine tasting: team-building unbottled]. Then, the team meets up via video call, and a chef or chocolatier host gives step by step instructions for how to prepare the treats. T Company Tea is a NYC-based small business that provides virtual tea tastings for corporate groups upon request. Step 2: Choose the beers you want to taste. Includes approx. The owner of the company is a chef and personally leads each event. Mansa Tea will send class kits to participants, and kits for some classes even include teaware and can double as a nice gift. These exercises emphasize self-care, calming techniques and emotional regulation, and overall employee wellness. Each classic kit includes 4 FULL bottles of wine. Home Team Building Activities In-Person Culinary team building activities. Mindfulness Tea Ceremony is one of Airbnbs online experiences. The company currently offers less than a dozen class options, yet provides interesting options like a vegan chocolate tasting, chocolate and whiskey pairing, and a seasonal chocolate and figgy pudding cooking class. IN-PERSON EVENTS. Send them a happy hour box from Carooinstead. Wine & Cheese Fundamentals: MAKING (May 7th, Part 1) From $25.00 Quick add. The game continues until only one player remains, or until the first player gets out by lowering all fingers or finishing their chocolate. Le Pont Wine Store. Riding the success of a series of virtual food and learning events since the COVID-19 pandemic, Zingerman's Deli will offer virtual food tasting events this summer. - Beth. Strictly Necessary Cookie should be enabled at all times so that we can save your preferences for cookie settings. Custom Virtual Baking Experience-you dream it, we help create it! What activity compliments tasting beer better than challenging your knowledge of beer and learning far more things to appreciate about beer in the process? Experience includes 1 white wine, 2 red wines and 3 food pairings $150 per Tasting Kit | + $20 Shipping | + Tax More Details. Each tea kit includes six tea samples from around the world, three of which will be brewed during the session. Grab your favorite cider and check out this interactive happy hour. Next, check out this list of virtual date night ideas and this list of ways to celebrate Valentines Day virtually. Virtual tea tasting classes are online experiences where an expert guides a group through the brewing and tasting process with multiple kinds of tea. 30, 60 or 90 Minute Versions Available. Most supermarkets have international aisles with foreign chocolate brands like Milka and Cadbury, and you can find eclectic Kit Kat flavors in most Asian markets. Sat, Dec 31, 2022 9:00 PM PST (-08:00) + 10 more events. Content Expert at Wait, a water tasting event? Hotel Chocolat produces its own cocoa and is committed to ethical growing, and the event hosts are knowledgeable about the entire process from bean to bar to bite. Pong is the perfect way to start, end, or extend your virtual beer tasting. Enter the Seasonal Beer Box. You can select a number of German beers to sample your way through Bavaria, or order the Oktoberfest Beer Box! Ideal for: Travelers, history buffs, scientists, detail-oriented types, budget-conscious teams. Use their beers to create a unique tasting for non-drinkers or a new experience for beer lovers looking for a surprise. Team building works best as an ongoing effort, and this activity gives teammates a reason to meet up regularly and get to know more about each other in the process. Sit back and sip on some smooth whiskeyall while learning about its history, distillation facts, and how to pick the perfect bottle. Cocoa Daredevil is a Fear Factor-inspired chocolate tasting activity. The Classic Wine Kit takes you around the world and introduces you to what 'New World' versus 'Old World' wines are. We offer a wide variety of virtual food tasting kits, such as chocolate, coffee, olive oil and balsamic, and cheese kits. Content Expert at Be sure to send the packages at least two weeks before the event. First, send teams an assortment of unusual chocolate or a list of strange chocolates to prepare. This virtual tasting guides guests through a structured tasting of three of their fan favourites: Private Reserve Ice Cuvee Classic, Private Reserve Sauvignon Blanc and Private Reserve Meritage. You supply the beer and any other add ons (snacks and palette cleansers, for example) and this beer gift box will take you on the voyage of beer discovery youve always dreamed of. A beer making kit that provides all the necessary ingredients to craft the ultimate adult beverage at home! We We are the leaders in virtual wine tasting and offer the largest We are leaders in virtual beer tasting and are pleased to offer Our virtual food experiences are great for entertaining clients or team building Our virtual food experiences are great for entertaining clients or team building and make a perfect add-on to our other virtual tasting experiences. With Confetti, beer lovers can craft their own tasting experience, choosing from a selection of unique beer tasting kits or a BYOB option. EVENTS - In-person, Virtual & Hybrid. The experts at Outback Team Building will whisk you away (figuratively) for an immersive escape of virtual intrigue. Starting price: Tastings can be customized and start from $99. Please enable cookies on your browser and try again. Since Sierra Nevada distributes beers widely across the United States, it will be easy for tasters in multiple locations to find the right beers, meaning you can all enjoy a unified tasting experience. Youll get all the thrills of exploring ruins, seeking lost gold, and even breaking out of prison. You can also include a mug with the company logo in the pack. . Virtual Tasting Kit - The Essentials Deepen your chocolate tasting skills from home with a Virtual Tasting Kit! You can also find and book facilitated cocoa tasting experiences where a guide shares preparation and tasting tips and facts about the history of the drink. This education-forward course from and the Brewers Association will teach beer enthusiasts and aspiring beer professionals everything they ever wanted to know about IPA, lager, stout, and all the other brews you know and love.

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